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Georgia Tech crew is a non-profit student organization. The club is maintained on rower dues, donations, and fundraisers. This small revenue goes towards paying coaching salaries, maintaining equipment, and travel.

At Georgia Tech Crew, we have an ambitious goal of creating a $1,000,000 endowment fund to sustain the club’s monetary needs. This will help ease the financial burden on the rowers. Although this is a long-term goal we believe in taking small steps every day to reach our ambitious goals. $25,000 is required to start the endowment fund, so that it starts generating money for the club. We have reached this goal and continue to build upon the fund.

If you are interested in sponsoring Georgia Tech Crew, take a look at the Sponsorship Packet (coming soon) and visit the donation page.

Please contact for more information.

Georgia Tech Crew strives to compete successfully at the highest level while providing the opportunity for all students to grow through dedication, competition, and teamwork.

P.O. Box 350285 Georgia Tech Station Atlanta, Georgia 30332

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