Georgia Tech Rowing

Campaign Replace the Ergs 2020

In the midst of this pandemic, the team has been working hard to keep our spirits and competitive edge up. Whether the upcoming Fall season takes place on the water or completely on land, we will continue to plan and prepare to win for the next time we are out on the water.

To compete at the highest level we must train at the highest level. With your help, the team is hoping to replace the 18 ergs we train on in the CRC. After over a decade of frequent use by our crew, many of the current ergs have deteriorated to the point that malfunctioning ergs have become a regular part of our land practices. This not only obstructs and draws out practices, but poses a danger to the physical health of our team.

In order for our team to continue to grow in size and skill, it is important that we begin our next season on proper equipment. In order to achieve this goal, we are asking for donations toward our $16,500 fundraising goal.

This will enable us to hit the ground running come the return to a normal racing season.

$16,500 Goal

Thank you to our Donors

Alec Kaye
Anijka Stone
Anna McLendon
Anne-Marie DeBacker
Austin Nichols
Ben Eustice
Ben Loeffler
Beth York
Bob Baxley
Brian Holman
Carlos Alas
Cassi Niemann
Chad Markle
Charles Anderson
Chris Depweg
Chris Houston
Chris Sauer
Curt Browder
Galvin Brady
Hayden McKinley
Holly Richer
Hunter Dreidame
Ian McCreadie
Jason Dickert
Jeremy Hurwitz
Jess Pohl
Jo Tomkiewicz
Joey Kazez
Joseph Nastasi
Josh Vose
Kaela Frazier
Kevin Shade
Kris Batol
Lee Thackston
Liz Birthright
Mandy Davis
Mark Braza
Mark Filer
Mark Kiefert
Matt Fong
Randy Lampert
Renee Puvvada
Rodd Talebi
Ross Beatie
Samantha Smelley
Sara Willson-Thacker
Sarah Kimbrough
Sean McLeskey
Sean Meiller
Sebastian Russell
Shane Bechler
Slim Price
Steve Georgalis
Suzanna-Grace Sayre
Thomas Beckenhauer
Tim Maryak