Georgia Tech Rowing

Campaign Crew Endowment

The GT Crew Endowment provides a consistent source of funding for the team by only using the income generated from your donation -- effectively making the impact of your donation last forever. This endowment is managed by the Georgia Tech Foundation, earning income in accordance with their entire portfolio. Currently, the endowment distributions cover one-sixth of the cost to run GT Crew, with rower membership dues covering the majority of costs that remain.

While the rowers show great commitment to GT Crew through their membership dues, your donations would alleviate financial pressure on the rowers and enable us to increase our spending in crucial areas, such as equipment, coaching stipends, and recruitment.

Every little bit helps, and your donation will help take GT Crew to the next level.

We have worked with Georgia Tech to create our own dedication donation page in their system. Please follow these steps to contribute:

  • Consider setting this as a Recurring Gift with frequency options of annual, quarterly, and even monthly.
  • Fill out the form below to notify the student officers, so that they may track your donation through the Georgia Tech system for you.

Plan to win. Prepare to win. Expect to win.

$1,000,000 Goal

Thank you to our Donors